January 29, 2018

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If you own a blog or a web site, you can earn revenue and provide the best hotel booking services to your audience by joining our affiliate program.

How It Works

1. Join & Get a Link


Join FindOptimal Affiliate Program and get a link
2. Promote the Link


Promote the link with your blog, website, mailing list, app, etc.
3. User Click & Book


User clicks on your link, books a hotel, and consumes it
4. Earn Commission

Earn Money

We split the commission 50-50

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FindOptimal Affiliate Program

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Hotel Search Box

You may use the following HTML code to add a Hotel Search Box into your blog or web site. An example is given below. The search box is responsive to different devices.
<div style=”z-index: 100000; position: relative; height: 255px;”><iframe style=”border: none;” src=”https://findoptimal.com/hotel-search-box.php?ref=your_code” width=”100%” height=”470px” scrolling=”no”></iframe></div>