June 22, 2017

Most Popular Peer-to-Peer Rental Sites in the United States

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Primary Business
Visits in May 2017
AirbnbPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental, Apartment Rental, Homestay39.1Mopen
VRBOPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental13.4Mopen
HomeAwayPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental8.2Mopen
CouchsurfingHome ExchangeHomestay1.1Mopen
FlipkeyPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental741.4Kopen
BedAndBreakfastOnline Travel AgencyBed & Breakfast609.7Kopen
VacasaPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rentals556.5Kopen
HomeExchangeHome ExchangeHomestay233.7Kopen
HomestayPeer-to-Peer RentalHomestay88.9Kopen
WimduPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental, Apartment, Homestay71.9Kopen
Apartments4youPeer-to-Peer RentalVacation Rental1.7Kopen

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