Video Demonstrations

Reveal Secret Hotels

This 2-minute video demonstrates how a traveler uses FindOptimal to reveal a secret hotel offered by Priceline in Chicago. The deal has a 56% discount from the regular price. With FindOptimal’s Reveal Hotel link, the user gets all important information about the hotel including hotel name, precise location, pictures, descriptions, guest reviews, etc.

Personalized Hotel Search

This 2-minute video demonstrates the basic functions of, including personalized searching profile, custom display, hotel information and reviews, map view, result filtering, price comparison, booking links, etc. It shows how a user can quickly identify and book a hotel that fits his special lodging requirements.

Multi-night Optimization

This 2-minute video demonstrates how a user finds an optimal hotel booking solution for his 1-week stay in Las Vegas. The user adjusted some optimization parameters so that hotels in the solution are close to each other and he only needs to move once. As a result, he saved $621 or 57% in the hotel cost, which is explained in dynamic charts.

Powerful Map Functions

This 3-minute video demonstrates how a user searches, filters and identifies ideal hotels on a map view. It also shows two types of map overlays. The first type is provided by Google, including Public Transit Network, Real-time Traffic and Bicycle Path. The second type is heat maps created by FindOptimal, including Safety Index, Population Density, Income per Capita, etc.