January 8, 2017

As a metasearch engine, FindOptimal gets prices on the same hotel from multiple top travel agencies.

FindOptimal helps you find the ideal hotel at the lowest price. We compare top travel sites including Expedia, Hotels.com, Priceline.com, Agoda.com and Booking.com and show you their offers on the same hotel.

FindOptimal is 100% free. We don’t add any mark-up on what our partners offer. In fact, you are re-directed to our partners’ websites to book hotels and make payments. You pay exactly the same as you search on our partners’ websites. But with FindOptimal, you don’t need to go to multiple sites, search hundreds of items and compare prices site by site.

price comparison

Price comparison in the List view

We don’t display a high asking price, cross it off and then show you the true price. We just compare the best with the best. Expedia, Inc. and The Priceline Group are two largest online travel agencies (OTA) in the world. They have the strongest negotiation power to get best deals from most hotels.  Hotels.com is a subsidiary of Expedia, Inc. Agoda.com and Booking.com are under the umbrella of The Priceline Group. The Expedia brand and the Priceline brand have the lion’s share of the online travel market share in the U.S. Booking.com is the dominant player among online lodging intermediaries in Europe. And Agoda.com is a leading brand in Asia. We believe that in most cases it is good enough if you have checked prices from all above-mentioned vendors.

price comparison

Price comparison in the Map view