June 26, 2017

Legitimate hotel booking sites

Thanks to the emerging of Online Travel Agency (OTA) and travel meta-search websites, many of you have selected to book hotels online. Online booking is quick and convenient. You have much more accommodation options to choose than before. And you may find some unbelievable good deals by a simple search. However, sometimes you may find a good deal from an OTA that you have never heard of. You will ask yourself: Is that company legitimate? Should I go ahead and provide my credit card information? To help answer that question, we list the most popular website for accommodation booking below.

This list excludes meta-search websites such as KAYAK or FindOptimal because they redirect you to an OTA’s site for booking. You will face the same question again about the legitimacy of that OTA. We put the websites into two categories: Online Travel Agency and Peer-to-Peer Rental. You may open the profile page of each company by clicking on the link in the last column. The monthly traffic data is from SimilarWeb.com. Large OTAs such as Expedia have multiple domains (e.g. Expedia.co.uk and Expedia.com.au). We only provide the monthly traffic for their primary domain (e.g. Expedia.com) because traffic for that site is large enough to prove their legitimacy.

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