August 25, 2016

Safety Index is a unique feature only available at

When you visit a new city, do you worry about safety around your hotel? I have two young daughters. Every time when we have a family trip, my wife always asks me to find a hotel in a safe and nice neighborhood. But how do you know possibility of crimes around a hotel and how good the area is? provides all those information for each hotel in the United States. When you define your scoring profile, you can select Crime Index as well as other demographic index, such as Population Density and Income per Capita and assign a value to each extra point of those indexes. Then the personalized search engine will find hotels scoring high in those areas.


All statistics information are collected from the U.S. Census Bureau and processed by our data expert. As for the unique Safety Index or Crime Index, adopts a sophisticated mathematical model built by Ph.D. and leverages multiple years of crime data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  In addition to the overall Crime Index, also indexes crimes related to property and crimes related to person. The first category covers arson, burglary, auto theft and theft while the second category covers murder, rape, robbery and assault.

The safety information is not only available in the format of numbers, but also available visually in the map view. has a couple of map overlay comboboxes in the map view toolbar. When you select a safety index or a demographic index from the overlay list, a heat map layer will be generated on top of the area in which the target hotels are located. Is that cool?