December 14, 2017

Free ebook: The Complete Guide to Saving on Hotels

 Free eBook: Saving on Hotels

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Table of Content

I.  General principles  

1.  Don’t miss out
2.  Shop around
3.  Flexibility is the key

II.  Be flexible and save more  

1.  Pick destinations with good deals
2.  Go off-season
3.  Monitor price in advance
4.  Name your own price
5.  Book secret hotels
6.  Pick hotels based on day of week
7.  Consider “Hotel Hopping”
8.  Evaluate trade-off of amenities
9.  Look for last-minute deals
10.  Find alternative lodging options
11.  Pick a different location
12.  Snag other traveler’s unwanted rooms
13.  Take advantage of falling rates
14.  Book your room and flight together
15.  Earn airline miles with hotel reservations
16.  Bundle parking into your stay
17.  Earn free gift by sharing on social media
18.  Swap your home/vacation rental with others
19.  Book group travel
20.  Check Your warehouse club

III.  Save more without trade-offs  

1.  Use your affiliations
2.  Optimize multi-night lodging
3.  Book as a local
4.  Book with mobile devices
5.  Call the hotel and negotiate your rate
6.  Check best rate guarantee policies
7.  Tell the hotel about special occasions
8.  Ask more benefits when you check in
9.  Search for coupon codes
10.  Select right browser and use Incognito mode