Why do I need to register and log in?

Registering with FindOptimal is for your benefit. No one wants to input all searching criteria every time. We need to create an account for you to store all criteria defined by you under multiple profiles (e.g. one for business and another for leisure). With such a design, you just need to define your preferences once. Then you can retrieve your information by signing in with your credential. Following hotel searches will be in a breeze. For example, you can define all criteria at home with your PC or laptop since you may want more screen space to check all definitions. Then you can use your mobile devices to do your hotel searches later, anywhere, anytime.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want us to store your records, you can still use all services without registering. The difference is that you have to type all criteria every time and what you have typed may go away after your session is timed out.

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